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NOTE:Smart Search features will vary from recorder to recorder. Just because a Dahua recorder has Smart Search does not necessarily mean all of the below Smart Search features will be available on every recorder. Please see above images for specific examples.

IVS Playback

Name Icon Type Description Playback
Tripwire Tripwire Premium IVS Tripwire will detect if there is any object crossing the warning line, it can support different direction selection, such as A->B, B->A and bidirectional, and it can activate record , snapshot and alarm according to the judgment result
Intrusion Intrusion Premium IVS Intrusion is used to detect that some sensitive areas can’t be casually entered, exited or crossed in the monitoring scenario, it will trigger device alarm if the target object touches the detection line.
Abandoned/Missing Object Abandoned/Missing Premium IVS Abandoned/missing function is used to detect if there are people, vehicle and objects abandoned or missing in some areas in the monitoring scene; it can trigger an alarm when the target object stays or is missing for a time which exceeds the desired time.
Scene Change Scene Change Premium IVS Scene change function is used to detect abnormality of monitoring scene, such as camera being blocked, moved, intense light change and so on. The intelligence library will make comparison between the original picture and the picture of the camera which has been blocked or moved, and judge if there is similarity; it will generate alarm if there is no matched similarity
Auto Tracking Auto Track Advanced IVS PTZ tracking is an innovative feature that transforms manually controlled PTZ cameras into automated tracking systems that keep an moving object in focus and centered in the frame. It follows the object where stationary cameras would lose the object once out of the fixed cameras field of view.
Smart Tracking Smart Tracking Premium IVS Smart tracking is the linked monitoring between the PTZ camera and other devices, such as Radar and Thermal camera. When the camera detects the target, it sends signals to the PTZ camera for tracking.
Thermal Camera IVS Thermal Camera IVS Premium IVS In some special environment, the Thermal camera can realize some IVS function that the normal cameral can’t, such as the object missing/object abandoned/intrusion/tripwire
Face Detection Face Detection Advanced IVS Face detection is to detect if there is any human face appearing in the video, and capture the face then send it to the NVR for analysis and processing, it can activate snapshot, record and alarm.
People Counting People Counting Advanced IVS Provides people counting, region people counting, linkage alarm, and statement generation functions.
Perimeter Perimeter Analytics+ Dahua Perimeter Protection technology can recognize human and vehicle accurately. In restricted area (such as pedestrian area and vehicle area), the false alarms of intelligent detection based on target type (such as tripwire, intrusion) are largely reduced.
Heat-map Heatmap Advanced IVS It is used to detect the level of motion of moving objects in a certain time. Supports the statistics of the cumulative population density within the set time range, and displays in space with different colors.
LPC & LPR Traffic Enforcement Premium IVS Analysis the traffic situation according to the traffic flow