NVR/Playback/Smart Player

How to Use Smart Player


Use SmartPlayer to play DAV or ASF files


  • PC

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open SmartPlayer

Smart Player 4.jpg

2. Click Open File in the center of the screen to locate the file for playback

Smart Player 5.jpg

3. Use the file dialogue window that appears to locate the file for playback.

Smart Player 6.jpg

By default it will look for .dav files, use the dropdown box to change the file type to other options such as AVI, MOV, MP4, ASF and FLV

Smart Player 7.jpg

4. Click Open once the file has been selected to begin playback

Smart Player 8.jpg

5. Use the controls below the video pane to control playback

Smart Player 9.jpg

There are options for forward and reverse playback, playback speed, and to enable audio

6. Double click the video to bring full screen or choose from one of the layouts in the bottom right of the screen

Smart Player 10.jpg