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Video Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

1. From the Main Menu select Event in the Setting section

2. Select Smart Plan on the left. Then select the camera channel at the top. Select and highlight IVS (You may need to deselect any other options). Select Apply and then OK

3. Select IVS on the left. Then choose the channel number at the top. Select Add at the bottom to create a new IVS alarm rule. Click on the drop-down menu under Type for the new rule you created and change set it to Tripwire. Select the Pencil icon under Draw

4. Left click anywhere on the camera view to start the tripwire line. Left click anywhere else on the camera view to complete the segment of the line. Continue moving your mouse and left clicking to continue making multiple segments of the tripwire line.

When done drawing the line segments, right click to finish the line. Give this rule a name by selecting the text box next to Name and typing in a name.

Select the drop-down menu next to Direction to choose if the IVS alarm is triggered in both directions (Both) or just one direction ("A To B" or "B To A")

5. When you are done configuring the Tripwire rules, select OK

6. Select the Gear icon under Trigger to configure what happens when the tripwire alarm is triggered:

> Configure Tripwire Response

Select Apply to save the settings