Alarm Config Settings

Alarms of various types (such as Motion, Tripwire, and more) can be setup and configured to respond in different ways when triggered.

Configure the alarm trigger/response on the same interface where the Alarm is setup using the Trigger menu:

Alarm Trigger menu SystemUI.jpg

Note: If the desired output/trigger is not listed on the menu, it is possible your product does not support it, please Confirm via the Specification Sheet for the device you are setting up.

The settings are explained below:

Setting Description
Period Sets the time and days of the week this alarm can be triggered
Post-Record Sets the amount of seconds that are recorded after the alarm event is done being triggered, if "Record Channel" is enabled
Alarm Out Sets alarm outputs that will be activate when this alarm is triggered
> How To Set Up Alarm Output
Record Channel Sets which channels are recorded when the alarm is triggered. The record schedule must be enabled for the Alarm type
> How To Set Up Record Schedule
Tour Enables a tour when the alarm is triggered
PTZ Activation Sets the behavior of a PTZ camera connected to the same recorder when the alarm is triggered
> How To Set Up PTZ Activation
Buzzer Makes the recorder emit an audible beeping noise when the alarm is triggered
Alarm Upload
Log Records the event information in the system log when the alarm is triggered
Send Email Sends an email, via the settings set in the Email section of the Network settings on the recorder, when the alarm is triggered
> How To Set Up Email Notifications