DSS Windows/Express/Event

DSS Express Event Configuration


This article will show you how to set up Event / Alarms for devices added to DSS Express

Event / Alarm types can be enabled for events for a device such as Disk Full, Device Disconnected, among many others. The Alarm types a device supports will be listed in the Event Configuration Page


Step by Step Instructions

1. On DSS Express Client main menu, click on Config

DSS Express - Event Setup 1.jpg

2. Select the device from the device tree on the left

Click Event Configuration to enter the event configuration page

DSS Express - Event Setup 2.jpg

3. Start by selecting the Alarm type (for example Disk Full)

Click/toggle to enable

DSS Express - Event Setup 3.jpg

4. Use the dropdown box to select Priority (Alarm Level) and Time Template (Schedule / Arm time for Alarm)

Clicking Time Template will show a list of default schedules

Click Manage time template to create a custom template / schedule

DSS Express - Event Setup 4.jpg

5. Click Add Time Template to create a new Template

DSS Express - Event Setup 5.jpg

Enter a name for the template

Click in the field to edit the day/time for the template

DSS Express - Event Setup 6.jpg

Click OK

DSS Express - Event Setup 7.jpg

6. Click OK to save

DSS Express - Event Setup 8.jpg

7. The schedule has now been created for the Alarm Type

You can use the other sections to enable other outputs when the Alarm is triggered: for example Link PTZ

DSS Express - Event Setup 9.jpg

Email alert

DSS Express - Event Setup 10.jpg

Click OK to save all changes