Traffic/ITC431-RW1F-IRL8 Initial Setup

How to Configure ITC431-RW1F-IRL8 via WebGUI


This guide will demonstrate how to configure the settings for the license plate camera via web interface.


1. License plate camera initialized and on the network.

How-to Video

Step by Step Instructions

1. This prompt only appears when the camera is initialized and accessed for the first time. Leave these settings on default and save it.

1. Initial ANPR.PNG

2. Go to Setting > Event > ANPR Snap

2. Navigate to ANPR Settings.png

3. Remove all the drawing rules for 3 lans listed on the right side
- Select the first lane (It should be already selected by default).
- Click on the corresponding circle arrows for each color to remove them.
- Perform the same process for the other 2 lanes to remove all remaining drawings.

3. Click On Circle Arrow to Remove The Corresponding Color Rules.png

4. After the drawing rules are removed, we will need to disable number 2 and 3 by deselecting the checkboxes.

4. Rules Removed and Lane 2 And 3 Disabled.png

5. Select #1 again if it isn't already. Click on the 3 specified color options to proceed with the new drawing rules (green, blue and red)

5. Selecting Corresponding Color And Draw Each Rule.png

Green is the detection box.
Blue is the lane where cars will be coming in/out.
Red is the detect line or snapline where the snapshot will be taken after the cars go passed it.

5.1. Drawing Rule Enlarged.png

6. Navigate back to "Live" and enabled "ANPR Receive" to display the capture the license plates via webGUI.

6. Enabled ANPR Receive To See The Capture License Plates.png