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VDPConfig allows users to discover and interface with Dahua video intercom products


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Download and install VDPConfig using the Dahua Toolbox


VDPConfig Installation Instructions

Once Dahua Toolbox is installed, under All Tools find VDPConfig in the list

Click Install to begin installation

Install VDPConfig 1.jpg

A progress bar will show the status

Install VDPConfig 2.jpg

Click Open to launch

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If you receive an error while adjusting device settings, a yellow triangle Warning icon Warning error.jpg will appear next to the device.

Click the icon to get more details regarding the error:

Troubleshooting 1.jpg

Troubleshooting 2.jpg

Incorrect Password

Make sure you enter the correct password under the 'Search settings' window

Network Error

Make sure the computer you are running VDPConfig on is connected to the same local network as the device and assigned an IP (including subnet and gateway) on the same segment as the device.

If you still receive errors after confirming the computer's network information, try a 1:1 or direct connection between the computer running VDPConfig and the device and try again