How To Setup Smart Motion Detection (SMD)


This article will show you how to setup the SMD (Smart Motion Detection) feature

SMD adds the ability to use an Object Filter on Motion Detection. The Object Filter can be set for Human or Motor Vehicle detection. When enabled, motion events will only be triggered when an identified Human or Vehicle is detected moving in the scene.


  • Supported device with SMD

Video Instructions

How To: SMD Setup


Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into the WebUI of the device

SMD Setup - WebUI - 1.jpg

2. Click AI

SMD Setup - WebUI - 2.jpg

3. Click Parameters > SMD

SMD Setup - WebUI - 3.jpg

4. Use the drop down box to select the Channel number you wish to configure

SMD Setup - WebUI - 4.jpg

The Sensitivity Level can be adjusted to 3 settings: Low, Middle, and High

Check the box next to Person and/or Vehicle to enable the Obejct Filter for the Motion Detection.

5. Click Save to save all settings