NVR/Recording Setup/Multicast Setup

How to Setup Multicast


Using Multicast via VLC is a source that can send a single copy of data to a single multicast address. Which then is distributed to multiple groups of recipients. This will save on bandwidth.


  • Internet Explorer
  • IP address of Device
  • VLC Player
  • Port forward RTSP port (Port 554 is the default and is used in this example)

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Type in commend to enable RTP multicast of RTP[0] and RTP[1]on Internet Explorer Address bar. http://ip/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&Multicast.RTP[0].Enable=true

This IPC's IP address is, so this commend should be[0].Enable=true The WEB page will let you enter login and password, then it will shows "OK"

Multicast wiki 1.png

You can also use the following command and will show "Ok" as the same result.[1].Enable=true,

2. Check Multicast information use: http://ip/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=getConfig&name=Multicast The default port for RTP[0] is 40000 and for RTP[1] is 40001, the default RTP port is 554. You can vertify RTP port on the web page setting:

Multicast wiki 3.png

You can see as followed RTP status after putting commend, both enabled are true Please note, for RTP multicast, both RTP [0] and [1] must enabled; The RTSP Port must be even

Multicast wiki 4.png

3. You must have the firewall and Antivirus software disabled in order to use VLC Player for RTP streaming. Open VLC → Select Media → Select Network → Input Command rtsp:// ( is an example, your device IP address will differ. Port number :554 is the default port which can be changed from the Device) → Select Play.

Multicast wiki 5.png

Multicast wiki 6.png

The result should show as follows:

Multicast wiki 7.png

UDP Multicast

The UDP modify is the same with RTP.

To enable TS protocal Input on the Internet Explorer address bar: http://ip/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&Multicast.TS[0].Enable=true

To modity UDP multicast address Input on the Internet Explorer address bar: http://ip/cgi-bin/configManager.cgi?action=setConfig&Multicast.TS[0].MulticastAddr=ip The default address of UDP is, the modify range is 224.X.X.X.to 239.X.X.X In the VLC, input udp://@ (if there is only 1 IPC online, however, if multiple IPC connect in the LAN, you should change the default address to others)

The result should show as follows:

Multicast wiki 8.png