NVR/Basic Setup/Preview Control

Preview Control Interface

Move your mouse to the top center of the video of current channel, you can see system pops up the preview control interface.

If your mouse stays in this area for more than 6 seconds and has no operation, the control bar automatically hides.


Realtime Playback

It is to playback the previous 5-60 minutes record of current channel.

Please go to the Main menu->Setting->->System->General to set real-time playback time. System may pop up a dialogue box if there is no such record in current channel.

Digital zoom

It is to zoom in specified zone of current channel. It supports zoom in function of multiple-channel.

Click button NVRIconDigitalZoom1.jpg, the button is shown as NVRIconDigitalZoom2.jpg. There are two ways for you to zoom in.

  • Method 1: Drag the mouse to select a zone


  • Method 2: Put the middle button at the centre of the zone you want to zoom in, and move the mouse, you can view an interface shown as in


Manual Record Function

It is to backup the video of current channel to the USB device. System can not backup the video of multiple-channel at the same time.

Click button , system begins recording. Click it again, system stops recording. You can find the record file on the flash disk.

Manual Snapshot Function

Click to snapshot 1-5 times. The snapshot file is saved on the USB device or HDD. You can go to the Search interface to view.

Bidirectional Talk

If the connected front-end device supports bidirectional talk function, you can click this button. Click buttonNVRIconBiTalk1.pngto start bidirectional talk function the icon now is shown as NVRIconBiTalk2.png . Now the rest bidirectional talk buttons of digital channel becomes null too.

ClickNVRIconBiTalk2.pngagain, you can cancel bidirectional talk and the bidirectional talk buttons of other digital channels become as NVRIconBiTalk1.png.

Remote Device

Click it to go to the remote device interface to add/delete remote device or view its corresponding information.