IVS2.0:WebUI/People Counting

People Counting Setup


People Counting is used to detect and count People that enter or exit a specific area of an image.

People Counting IE.jpg


  • Intelligent Network Camera or an HDCVI Camera that is connected to a HDCVI DVR that has intelligent features.
  • Updated firmware that supports intelligent features.
  • Internet Explorer.

Step By Step Instructions

1.Log into device using the Web Service.

People Counting IE 1.jpg

2.Select Setting

People Counting IE 2.jpg

3. Click Event > Smart Plan

People Counting IE 2.1.jpg

4. Click the People Counting icon, it will highlight in color when select

People Counting IE 2.2.jpg

5. Click Save

People Counting IE 2.3.jpg

6. Click Event > People Counting

People Counting IE 3.jpg

7. The People Counting menu will appear. Start by switching the dropdown box to People Counting, checking the box to Enable, then click Save

People Counting IE 4.jpg

8. The default People Counting Area and Rule will appear. Click Draw Area to edit the focus area for People Counting

People Counting IE 5.jpg

9. The Area box will highlight yellow when it is editable. Start by clicking one of the corners of the default box and drag it the desired position.

People Counting IE 6.jpg

People Counting IE 7.jpg

10. Continue with the remaining corners of the box until the desired focus area is created. Click Save

People Counting IE 8.jpg

11. You can draw a custom area by Clicking 'Clear' then clicking inside the video frame to draw the object.

People Counting IE 8-1.jpg

People Counting IE 8-2.jpg

People Counting IE 8-3.jpg

People Counting IE 8-4.jpg

Click Save to save the custom area

12. The arrow shows the area and the direction the People Counting rule will follow. To create a custom rule start by clicking Draw Rule

People Counting IE 9.jpg

13. Similar to the Area, you can click to drag the default line or click Clear to draw a custom Rule line. This line will be the trigger for counting people that cross it.

People Counting IE 10.jpg

14. Click inside the video frame to draw the Rule line. The arrow defines the direction of people entering the scene

People Counting IE 11.jpg

To create a downward facing arrow, create the Rule by starting on the left hand side then drag the mouse to the right

People Counting IE 12.jpg

To create an upward facing arrow, create the Rule line by starting on the right hand side then drag the mouse to the left

People Counting IE 13.jpg

Click Save once the Rule line has been created.

15. Once the Area / Rule have been defined for the People Counting, the parameters of the rule can be configured:

People Counting IE 14.jpg

  • Sensitivity
  • Max Height
  • Min Height
  • Period
  • OSD - On Screen Display - click to enable an On Screen Display of the active People Counting rule - Enter Number and Leave Number can be enabled.
  • Flowrate Alarm
  • Record
  • Relay-out
  • Send email
  • Snapshot

16. Click Calibration Config to adjust installation height and and angle settings for the camera.

People Counting IE 15.jpg