IVS2.0:WebUI/Face Detect

Face Detect setup via Web Service


Face detection is to detect if there is any human face appearing in the video, and capture the face then send it to the NVR for analysis and processing, it can activate snapshot, record and alarm.



  • Intelligent Network Camera.
  • A HDCVI Camera that is connected to a HDCVI DVR that has intelligent features.
  • Updated firmware that supports intelligent features.
  • Internet Explorer.

Video Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

1.Log into device using the Web Service.


2.Select Setup -> Select Event -> Select Face Detection


3. Click “Enable”.

Face Detect1.png

4. Click face enhancement to enhance the face image display.

Face Detect2.png

5. Select max and min size, draw max and min target for target filtering. This step is to filter target, which can’t be operated under default status.

Face Detect3.png

6. Activate record, alarm, email and snapshot according to the requirements.

Face Detect4.png

7. Target filter can set max target and min target, which means it can detect max and min target.

Face Detect5.png

8. Click ok to complete settings.

Face Detect6.png