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Firmware Update/Firmware Update via SmartPSS

Firmware Update via SmartPSS


This page will show you how to update the firmware of your Dahua device via SmartPSS

Note: All devices should be "Factory Reset" once the firmware update is complete.


  • SmartPSS installed
  • Device added to SmartPSS
  • Firmware file downloaded to computer - Firmware by Device


Icon for type SmartPSS.pngSmartPSS 2.002


  • SmartPSS installed
  • Dahua device added to SmartPSS
  • Firmware file for device downloaded to computer - Firmware by Device

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. From the Main Page of SmartPSS

Click Device CFG

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 1.jpg

2. Click to select the device from the device tree on the left side of the screen

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 2.jpg

3. Click Upgrade

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 3.jpg

4. Click the folder icon

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 4.jpg

5. Locate the firmware file

Click Open

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 5.jpg

6. Click Firmware Upgrade to begin the firmware update process

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 6.jpg

7. A prompt will appear to confirm the upgrade process

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 7.jpg

8. A prompt will appear to confirm a successful upgrade

Firmware Update - SmartPSS - 8.jpg