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Setup RAID



  • EVS device powered on, set up and connected to the network
  • Hard drive(s) installed into EVS
  • Computer with network access
  • IP address of EVS device

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log into the EVS System Manager by typing the IP in to a web browser

Enter the Username and Password and click Login

EVS - Date and Time - 1.jpg

2. Click Storage

EVS - Setup RAID - 1.jpg

3. Click Raid

EVS - Setup RAID - 2.jpg

4. Click '+ Add' to create a new RAID

EVS - Setup RAID - 3.jpg

5. The Create RAID window will appear

EVS - Setup RAID - 4.jpg

6. Use the checkbox next to each hard drive to select which to include in the RAID

Use the drop-down box to select the RAID type

EVS - Setup RAID - 5.jpg

7. Click OK once all setting have been entered

EVS - Setup RAID - 6.jpg

8. A pop up will appear to confirm that data will be cleared on any Hard Drives being added to the RAID

Click OK

EVS - Setup RAID - 7.jpg

9. A system message will confirm a successful Format

EVS - Setup RAID - 8.jpg

10. Click Refresh

The RAID window will be updated with the new RAID

EVS - Setup RAID - 9.jpg