DSS Windows/Pro/Role

How to Setup Role in DSS Pro


Role function is supported by DSS platform to create user role and then add users. the created users can login as Administrator as well as Client. User permission varies depending on the user Role. Permissions of a user role includes Device Rights, Administrator Menu Rights and Operator Menu Rights. A user needs to be granted with this rights before performing corresponding operations.


1. Windows Computer

2. DSS Pro Software

Video tutorial

Step by Step Instructions

1. click on + on the right side of Home button. All functional menu will be displayed on the menu interface.


2. Click on Account. and Click on +Add


3. Add role dialogue box will pop up. Enter the Role Name, select Device Rights, Control Rights, and Users.


Note: for device rights or control rights that are not checked, users with this role will have no such corresponding device rights or control rights.

4. Click OK to finish adding the role.