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DSS/V8/DSS Express/Instruction/Server Config


This guide will show how to configure DSS Express server settings, such as external IP mapping, port mapping , and the ability to start and restart the server and server services.


  • DSS Express V8 server installed

Step by Step Instructions

Click DSS Express Server icon to open the Server software for configuration

DSS Express Server Desktop Icon.jpg

DSS Express Server

DSS Server Installation - 9.jpg

Server status is displayed on the top right corner of the window

ServerStarting.png Server Starting ServerOnline.png Running ServerOffline.png Server Offline ServerException.png Exception

Use the buttons on the top left of the window to control the server services - Restart All, Stop All and Refresh all services are available

DSS Server Configuration - Services.jpg

Use the buttons on the top right of the window for different DSS server functions:

DSS Server Configuration - 1.jpg

1 User Manual - Open User Manual for DSS
2 Language - Select English or Chinese DSS Server Configuration - Language.jpg
3 Security - Disable or enable TLS1.0 DSS Server Configuration - Security Config.jpg
4 Setting - Map the IP of DSS Express server to an external IP address DSS Server Configuration - Setting.jpg
5 About - Click to Display Version information of DSS Server DSS Express Server Configuration Info.jpg

Click the Btn draw dis.png to modify the service port number. Server will automatically restart after modification.

DSS Server Installation - 10.jpg

DSS Server Installation - 11.jpg

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