How to Setup ISD(Smart Track)


  • DSS
  • Connected network
  • Decoder
  • A Connection to the DSS Server
  • An Internet Connection
  • DSS server IP address
  • IVS Capable IP Camera
  • IVS Capable NVR


  • Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Microsoft Windows 7 or above
  • Core 2 dual-core 3.0Ghz or above
  • At least 10GB free hard disk space or above
  • directX 9.0c or above
  • 2GB Memory or above
  • 1024×768 resolution or above
  • Internet explorer 7 or above

Video Instructions

Step By Step Instructions

1. Input User Name, Password and Login as an Admin.

IVS M 1.png

2. Select General --> Device --> IVS --> Add.

Ivs m4.png

3. Input Manufacturer, IP address of added device, Port, Video Server, Username , Password and ORG.

Ivs m5.png

4. Input Device name and Device SN (Serial Number)

Ivs m6.png

5. Input Device Type. In this case it will be ISD (Smart Track)

Ivs m7.png

6. Select Stream Type

Ivs m8.png

7. Input Name -> If using a fisheye select fisheye function otherwise leave blank.

Ivs m9.png

8. Select Device -> Input SN (Serial Number) -> and select OK to save settings

Ivs m10.png