CMS/DSS/Add Dahua Video Wall

How to Add Dahua Video Wall


This is a guide for How to Add Dahua Video Wall.


  • DSS
  • Connected network
  • Video Wall

Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Login Manager ➞ Select General➞ Device ➞ Matrix ➞ Select Add

Dss video wall wiki 1.png

Step 2.  Select Add Fill in M70 IP address account and password ➞ Select “Getting Info” to auto get device info ➞ Input Device Name ➞ Select OK. Please Note:M70 device channel info can only automatically inputed by clicking “Getting info”button, you cannot manually input, so when adding M70 device, please ensure the device and 7016 are well connected and device are available.

Dss m70.png