3rd Party VMS/uVMS


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uVMS is a web-based Video Management and Network Video Recorder System (VMS / NVR) for publishing, viewing and recording of live streams from any type of video camera or software / hardware video encoder.

This is not a hosted service but a software that you run on your own server. Ability to publish live audio-video from WebRTC browsers, RTMP encoders, RTSP IP cameras, iOS/Android-based encoder apps, webcams and capture cards.

  • Near real-time streaming video with HTML5 WebRTC player, HTML5 MSE player, Flash player, Unreal Media Player and HLS.
  • Time-shifting support: play live with ability to seek back in time.
  • All major browsers on all OS and mobile devices are supported.
  • Manual and scheduled recording to mp4 / mkv / asf files.
  • Searchable database of playable recordings.
  • Multiple access control levels and user rights.
  • Instant download of recorded files for system operators.

uVMS installation, configuration and operation is demonstrated in the Video tutorial on YouTube

uVMS was designed with many different operating scenarios in mind, such as IP cameras surveillance for construction sites and public transportation, where a single operator configures and manages the whole system; hospital operating rooms where different operators share same cameras; hosted video monitoring/recording SAAS where each operator manages his own video assets and creates his own users; sport events/club/childcare/church live video streaming services where public audience may be allowed to view live video without logging in to the system.

Therefore, uVMS can be configured to fit different operation modes and prohibit/allow certain features. uVMS relies on Unreal Media and Archival servers for streaming and recording functionality; it is ASP.NET web application running under IIS Web Server. uVMS also requires Microsoft SQL Server (free or commercial) as a database for users, cameras, and recordings.



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  • Seamless integration with your existing A/V sources
  • IP based video sources can feed streams to Unreal Media and Archival servers.
  • RTSP IP cameras / encoders or MPEG2-TS broadcasting equipment can serve streams directly to Unreal Media Server over IP.
  • For computer-based video acquisition such as USB cameras or your own custom application, you can use Unreal Live Server: a software live encoder that will send the encoded A/V to Unreal Media Server.


  • Windows Server 2008 / 2012 R2 / 2016
  • IIS (Internet Information Services)
  • A Working RTSP URL-Instructions Here
  • Microsoft SQL Server (free or commercial)



User: admin

Password: admin


  • Unreal Media Server
  • Unreal Archival Server

Default Ports

  • 5119
  • 5130
  • 5135
  • 443
  • 80
  • 5120



  • Administrator-Manages operators, users, system settings and configuration.
  • Operators-Manages cameras and recordings.
  • Registered User-Can connect cameras to uVMS and view protected streams, unavailable for public users.
  • Public Users-Visitor to the portal; public users can view live and recorded feeds that are assigned "public" visibility level only.



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WARNING! "Unsafe Safe File Scripts" must be enabled in order for this to work! WARNING! This will stop being an issue after I add an SSL to the server.