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Net2 Access Control Instructions

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Paxton Plugin for Dahua Devices


Net2 Installation Manual Version 3
Net2 User Manual Version 3
Dahua ANPR Camera Quick Setup Guide for Paxton


General Info

  • Default password is net2

Integration Functions & Specifics

Dahua DVR/NVR Camera

This integration is built into every Net2 installation, or is available via additional plugin, and allows DVR and NVR manufacturers’ systems to be linked to Net2 access control software. Cameras associated with these systems can be detected and applied to doors allowing the user to view video footage associated with events from within Net2 software.

Description: As a strategic cooperative partner, Dahua have created an integration with Paxton Net2 which allows users to add Dahua video recording equipment (DVR/NVR) to the camera integrations list in Net2. This allows cameras to be associated with doors and video can be viewed in accordance with events as they are created. The video footage will begin 10 seconds prior to the event time to show the moments leading up to the event. Current integration is only supports 1 camera per door.

Net2 compatibility: v5.03.4008 onwards

Languages available: Most languages available