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SmartPSS/Install Smart PSS

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How to Install SmartPSS


This guide will show how to download and install SmartPSS


Video Instructions

Step by Step Instructions

1. Download SmartPSS.

From the main page of DahuaWiki:

How To Install SmartPSS - 0.jpg

2. Open or extract the zip file, and double click on the executable.

How To Install SmartPSS - 1.jpg

3. The installer will launch

  • Select the language using the drop-down box
  • Check the box to agree to the license agreement
  • Click Next

How To Install SmartPSS - 2.jpg

4. In the next window you can select which components will be installed.

  • SmartPSS - Leave this box checked to install SmartPSS
  • Storage Service - Check this box if you wish to have your PC function as a recording device for your cameras.

Click Next

How To Install SmartPSS - 3.jpg

5. Choose where SmartPSS will be installed by clicking Browse

How To Install SmartPSS - 4.jpg

Click Next

6. The installation will begin

How To Install SmartPSS - 5.jpg

7. Once complete click Finish

How To Install SmartPSS - 6.jpg